Privacy policy
and terms of use


This document describes the terms and general conditions (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”) applicable to the access and use by consumers, customers or users of the services offered by Pastel Pizza LLC within the website As such, you must accept the conditions, otherwise you shall be unable to interact within the platform. By accessing or using the website in any way, it implies that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions described herein under which you are subject to.

The mere fact of visiting, opening or accessing the website shall be reason enough to consider you as a user. In addition, you, as a user, agree on abiding to the present Terms and Conditions in regards to any action or operation made, agreed upon and/or performed through our site as well as your registration in said website.        

PASTEL PIZZA LLC reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions anytime at its sole discretion without previous notice. Therefore, your subsequent access to the site shall mean your acceptance of the terms in their updated/modified version.

PASTEL PIZZA LLC  shall be exempt of any/all responsibility in case the customers use the services without consenting to the Terms and Conditions of the website and it reserves the right to take any applicable legal action in these cases.

The products and prices offered are only valid for purchases made within this website.


PASTEL PIZZA LLC. is a portal whose main purpose is the management of the menu offered by the food trucks and food trailers. The site shall also be the means through which the different orders requested by the users shall be processed.

A website whereby the user shall be able to access directly from his/her smart phone or similar mobile device, easing the fulfillment of his/her order in a time-saving manner. Consumer, User, Customer and You are terms referred to the persons accessing the website to place their orders through this channel. Service, Product, Order are referred to the goods or services we offer  at our different locations and available through the website. In preparation, Ready, Paid, Dispatched are stages of the process of delivering the service


To access the PASTEL PIZZA LLC service it is necessary that the user/consumer is registered by completing the form and sending the application by pushing the respective button. The information entered by the user shall be considered true and correct thus exempting PASTEL PIZZA LLC.  of any/all consequences generated as a result of false or incorrect information.


The user totally assumes the responsibility for keeping the confidenciality of both the username and secret password registered in this website. Said password is personal and its release to third parties by the user exempts  PASTEL PIZZA LLC. of any responsibility.  The user´s favorite products and purchasing history will be visible in the account.


The user shall be entitled to the to the consumer protection rights in force in the State of Texas in addition to those described in these terms and conditions. It is the user´s responsibility to show up on time to the location where the order was placed to either consume it in the premises or take away. Once the order is ready, the user/consumer does not have the right to revoke/cancel said order due to its nature of perishable goods already processed for the user/consumer who placed the order through the website.   


Our privacy policy establishes the terms in which it uses and protects the information provided by the customers when using the website. PASTEL PIZZA LLC. is committed with the security of the data provided by their users. When we ask you to provide personal data you can be identified with, we do it by making sure such data will only be used according to the terms set forth in this document.

However, this Privacy Policy may change over time in order to adapt it to new regulations, jurisprudence, industry practices or commercial policies. Therefore, we recommend and emphasize to frequently review this page in order to make sure you agree with the changes, if any.

If you have any questions concerning our privacy practices, we recommend you contact us via email at: [email protected]

For your security, we declare that the entity responsible for the treatment of the personal data provided in the website is PASTEL PIZZA LLC, with principal office in Katy Texas, 77449. USA


PASTEL PIZZA LLC, are responsible for the terms and conditions of the offers published on the different food trucks or food trailers at their respective locations.  Food prices and promotions are published under direct authorization. PASTEL PIZZA LLC, takes responsibility for extemporaneous price reductions or discounts, as well as for price increases of their products.

In case a food truck or food trailer delivers an order different than was originally requested, the user has the right to either turn down the order and ask for reimbursement of the monies paid or change the order with the respective price adjustment, if applicable.  

If the products delivered do not meet the quality of the requested order, the customer shall be able to request a change of product as long as there is a bona fide and rational basis for such a request.  


The products and services offered in this website, unless otherewise noted for particular cases or certain goods or services, may only be paid with a) credit card, b) debit card or c) cash. On some of these methods, payment can be made upon placing the order on the website. In others, at the food truck or food trailer which shall have the responsibility of collecting the money directly at the location or via telephone. The price shall be duly broken down so that the user knows exactly the price of the different items he/she will be paying for. stores no data whatsoever about any of the cards be it debit or credit. The providing Food truck or Food trailer shall hand over the respective invoice to the user/consumer upon delivering the requested order.


Prices of the products and services published on this website shall be valid for as long as they are shown on said website. PASTEL PIZZA LLC, shall be able to modify any information shown on this site at any time and without previous notice, including prices.


PASTEL PIZZA LLC, shall undertake the necessary measures so that the provision

of the services and/or products offered by the foods trucks or food trailers be performed in a safe manner. However, users have to take into consideration that there are risks, not limited to the impossibility to verify the identity of persons in an absolute way due to its nature as a virtual medium.

The customer/consumer agrees on the use of the PASTEL PIZZA LLC website fully aware that none of their employees are expressly or implicitly liable for:

  • Damages resulting from unauthorized access or use of our servers or the personal and/or financial information stored in said servers.
  • Any interruption or cessation of the transmission to/from the website as result of technical or electric causes.
  • Any error, virus, troyans or similar, that can be transmitted through the website.

PASTEL PIZZA LLC, do not guarantee, endorse or assume responsibility for any product or service offered through advertising banners inserted on their website. Nor are they liable for transactions made by the user/customer with the providers of products or services offered by such banners.


All claims or complaints shall be directed to PASTEL PIZZA’s Customer Service department at:  [email protected]

Claims must state describe the complaint in a clear and concise manner including full name, email address and a phone number in order to ease a prompt response. PASTEL PIZZA LLC, shall process your request and provide a response in no longer than 5 days.