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Our story begins in full crisis in 2016 with Juan Rosales (32). Juan, a Venezuelan who arrives in Katy Texas, United States, working like any immigrant in the kitchen of a restaurant.
From his apartment, together with his wife Rosa Revilla (26), they started the Pastel Pizza project with only the sale of tequeños for orders and soon integrated traditional potato with cheese Pastelitos, Ground beef, chicken and pizza.
His dream materialized in parallel with his restaurant job, then he worked in construction until finally he could devote himself full time to the sale of Pastelitos and Tequeños.

In 2018 they decide to open their first food trailer and this is where they create their first menu adapting Traditional Pastelitos like Pizza Pastelitos with different ingredients.
Gradually with the help of many friends who made along the way they have been improving in quality, service and experience.
Our menu is very marked to our Venezuelan culture starting with the Tequeños, the traditional potato and cheese Pastelitos and the famous pizza Pastelitos. `You can’t stop trying them!
All our Pastelitos are accompanied with green sauce which is ours, has a unique and irresistible flavor. 
! A Pastelito without sauce is not  a Pastelito!

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